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The indications for interventional musculoskeletal ultrasound include but are not limited to aspiration of cysts, fluid collections and abscesses, arthrocentesis, insertion of drainage catheters, ultrasound- guided biopsy, medicinal injections, intra-articular injection of contrast agents (before computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging), lavage and aspiration of tendon calcification, and foreign body retrieval.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection

Stem Cell Injection


Few preparations are needed on the day you have an Ultrasound examination  

Please notify your physician if you are taking a  blood thinner (aspirin, motrin, plavix, coumadin, lovenox, etc) as there is a  chance of bleeding in to your muscles or joints if an injection is to be done.

You will be required to change into a gown for the test.

You can have regular meals before the test.You can drive yourself.

You can go back to work after the test.

Take all your medications on the day of the test.If required, you can take pain medication (Tylenol) before the test.

No sedation is given during the test.


During this test, you will be lying or sitting on an examination table, next to an Ultrasound machine (which looks like a laptop or desktop computer).

Interventional Musculoskeletal  Ultrasound