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To set up Telemedicine portal  on your computer or phone

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You will require: an email addresscell phone, iPad, OR laptop computer with a camera

Due to present ongoing medical condition due to COVID 19, we are providing medical care with telemedicine.

  1. To download the app, please click at telemedicine portal.

  1. If having difficulty downloading the above site, please register at this site . You will be unable to send a message to me from this site.

Preparation for a telemedicine appointment

Telemedicine avoids your leaving the house and driving, accessibility. We can assess a lot of things including reviewing the imaging. At times we may require to assess certain things which are not cannot be evaluated over telemedicine In that scenario, you will be requested to make an in person appointment.

  1. Telemedicine forms for new patients
  2. Follow up form for patients evaluated previosulsy
  3. Telemedicine Consent form

The documents can be faxed to 410 581 5775.


Please enable Camera  
Allow access to camera and microphone
FORMS Telemedicine Portal Preparation/Setup